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Custom Sticker Online Printing Reviews

Custom Sticker Online Printing Reviews

Read online reviews to make the right choice when you order custom Stickers!

Moo Inc. brings you something different in stickers – a sticker book. This book contains small, yet high quality stickers that can be used for a variety of purposes. These stickers turned out to be surprisingly impressive. If you are seeking out top of the line mini-stickers this is the way to go.

Quality 5
Price 5
Shipping 4
overall score
4.3 /5
Order 3

There was no way to fit all of the details into a 3x5 sticker. Honestly, it looks like it was printed on a basic home color printer. The color grid looks ok, but everything else is just average.

Quality 2
Price 2
Shipping 3
overall score
3 /5
Order 5


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