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Custom Brochure Online Printing Reviews

Custom Brochure Online Printing Reviews

Read online reviews to make the right choice when you order custom Brochures!

The brochure is printed on a very high quality paper. It is printed on both sides of the sheet and folded in the tri-fold style. Both sides contain the main color grid, the family photo, the drop shadow/rainbow colors box and the line grids. All of those maintain a very good color profile and vibrancy. One side has the black and white text boxes, while the other side has the remaining two photographs....

Quality 5
Price 4
Shipping 4
overall score
4 /5
Order 3

The color grid is fairly accurate, only color looking a little off is pink box near the bottom of the grid. The only thing I would recommend on the color grid is that the contrasts increased a bit to make the blacks and whites a little more vibrant. On the photo section, they look really good. The mountain photo really is strong with all the detail remaining without the picture looking darker or blacked...

Quality 3
Price 3
Shipping 3
overall score
3.5 /5
Order 5


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