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We ordered 100 custom 3.5"x8" flyers and I have to say that they look really good. The photos section maintained all of the detail and color profiles that our digital proofs contains. The color grid is on par with what our artwork looked like and the paper used to print is glossy, but not slick. The paper is lightweight and high quality.

Quality 4
Price 5
Shipping 3
overall score
3.3 /5
Order 1

Card stock was sturdy with a bit of matte finish. Front contains color grid, photo section. Back contains black and white text boxes, rainbow and drop shadow box and grid section Front section: the color grid is not even close to the original proof. The colors really lack vibrancy and brightness. In the photo section, the detail and quality is very good, and the colors match the proof excellently....

Quality 3
Price 4
Shipping 3
overall score
3 /5
Order 2




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