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Thinking about buying personalized T-shirts online from the VistaPrint website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own T-shirts to get the inside scoop on VistaPrint's custom printed T-shirts!









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Review of VistaPrint Online Custom T-shirts 2014

VistaPrint is by far the most recognizable name in online printing. However, that does not make it the best option out there. With the exception of being the lowest cost all of the T-shirt printers reviewed, there is no other area in which VistaPrint stands out from the crowd. See for yourself what our reviews discovered.

Quality (2/5)
VistaPrint T-shirts Quality rating

VistaPrint T-shirt Quality Rating

Our VistaPrint T-shirt is an Anvil 5000 heavy, pre-shrunk 100% cotton tee. While the material in the shirt is unremarkable, it gives off a distinct odor. For printing, colors were accurate but not very vibrant. When comparing the proof to the final product, the photos are dark, images of people are granulated and fuzzy and some details are lost. Black and white text boxes on the shirt were muddled and other parts of the design were simply lackluster and had muted colors. For a colorfully printed tee, this is not a good option. However, if you are looking to print in a solid color, it may be an acceptable option.

VistaPrint T-shirts reviews Quality
VistaPrint T-shirts reviews Quality

Price (2/5)
VistaPrint T-shirts Price rating

VistaPrint T-shirt Price Rating

VistaPrint was definitely the cheapest shirt with a total cost of $10.05. The $4.94 coupon we had practically took care of the shipping cost of $4.99. However, this was definitely a case of you get what you pay for. Quality was definitely not the best for the T-shirt itself. Printing was the worst quality of the shirts reviewed.

VistaPrint T-shirts reviews Price
VistaPrint T-shirts reviews Price

Shipping (3/5)
VistaPrint T-shirts Shipping rating

VistaPrint T-shirt Shipping Rating

Shipping from VistaPrint took at total of 8 days from date ordered to date received. The company estimated delivery a day earlier than it was actually received from UPS, so our package was late, inexcusable in today’s service oriented world. The T-shirt arrived packed in a bubble wrap lined manila package, with no additional packaging on the shirt itself. From the time we received shipping notification to actual arrival was 5 days.

VistaPrint T-shirts reviews Shipping
VistaPrint T-shirts reviews Shipping

Order (2/5)
VistaPrint T-shirts Order rating

VistaPrint T-shirt Order Rating

Ordering from VistaPrint gave you lots of options. The one that was focused on most was the option to upload your own design. However, if you don’t have an image, VistaPrint offers a wide variety of fill-in-the-blank design templates you can choose from. There is not an option for you to create your own from a blank canvas. The editing tools on the VistaPrint website are lacking in versatility.

VistaPrint T-shirts reviews Order
VistaPrint T-shirts reviews Order

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM VISTAPRINT: Basic tee. Anvil 5000 Heavy Cotton Tee. White.


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