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Thinking about buying personalized stickers online from the VistaPrint website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own stickers to get the inside scoop on VistaPrint's custom printed stickers!









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Review of VistaPrint Online Custom stickers 2014

There was no way to fit all of the details into a 3x5 sticker. Honestly, it looks like it was printed on a basic home color printer. The color grid looks ok, but everything else is just average.

Quality (2/5)
VistaPrint stickers Quality rating

VistaPrint sticker Quality Rating

There was no way to fit all of the details we have typically included in our test orders into a 3x5 sticker. However, we did manage to get quite a few different images in it. Realistically, the result looked like it was printed on a basic home color printer. The color grid looks good, but everything else is just average. We hate to say it, but high quality prints, especially for stickers, are not the strong suit of Vistaprint. Our custom sticker looks like it was printed at home, which is very disappointing. You might not want to choose Vistaprint if high quality color prints are what you are after. VistaPrint only earns a 2/5 from us on the quality of its stickers.

VistaPrint stickers reviews Quality
VistaPrint stickers reviews Quality

Price (2/5)
VistaPrint stickers Price rating

VistaPrint sticker Price Rating

1Our order of 10 stickers cost us $3.24. This did not come out to a cheap per sticker cost, but overall it was quite affordable and a good option for those who do not want a huge quantity of custom designed stickers. We give VistaPrint 2/5 on its value for custom print stickers.

VistaPrint stickers reviews Price
VistaPrint stickers reviews Price

Shipping (3/5)
VistaPrint stickers Shipping rating

VistaPrint sticker Shipping Rating

VistaPrint shipping was pretty standard for the industry. It was neither impressively fast nor disappointingly slow. We give VistaPrint sticker shipping a 3/5 rating.

VistaPrint stickers reviews Shipping
VistaPrint stickers reviews Shipping

Order (5/5)
VistaPrint stickers Order rating

VistaPrint sticker Order Rating

When it comes to easy ordering, Vistaprint is at the top of the list. After you upload your custom sticker design you can edit, crop and add additional text to your design. It is a very thorough ordering process, but there are many steps to complete. Advanced sticker designers may be annoyed by all the steps. Despite these steps, VistaPrint gets a 5/5 on sticker ordering. For your custom sticker needs VistaPrint is the right option if easy ordering is important and you only need a limited number of stickers.

VistaPrint stickers reviews Order
VistaPrint stickers reviews Order

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM VISTAPRINT: 10 3”x5” rectangular stickers


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