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Thinking about buying personalized posters online from the VistaPrint website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own posters to get the inside scoop on VistaPrint's custom printed posters!









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Review of VistaPrint Online Custom posters 2014

The poster is very good from a print standpoint. The front is glossy, but not overdone where it feels slick. The mountain photo stands out in the print as you can see the intricate details in the shadowy parts of the photo. Only section of concern is the line grid because it doesn't pop as much as I hoped it would, but that is just a matter of taste.

Quality (5/5)
VistaPrint posters Quality rating

VistaPrint poster Quality Rating

For a poster, I have to say that I am very pleased with how the poster looks and feels. It is fantastic.

VistaPrint posters reviews Quality
VistaPrint posters reviews Quality

Price (5/5)
VistaPrint posters Price rating

VistaPrint poster Price Rating

This Vistaprint custom poster is a great value. A custom printed poster for only $5 is a good deal. This is an excellent option for people who want a small quantity of posters. We rated VistaPrint 5/5 on poster value.

VistaPrint posters reviews Price
VistaPrint posters reviews Price

Shipping (4/5)
VistaPrint posters Shipping rating

VistaPrint poster Shipping Rating

The poster was shipped along with other products, but it was received in a timely manner and in good share. VistaPrint receives 4/5 on shipping of posters.

VistaPrint posters reviews Shipping
VistaPrint posters reviews Shipping

Order (5/5)
VistaPrint posters Order rating

VistaPrint poster Order Rating

VistaPrint provides a very easy ordering process for those who do not know a lot about the ins and outs of design and printing. Upload your own poster designs and you can preview how they will look when they are printed. Vistaprint is a good option for beginners. This printing company gives you the peace of mind you need when ordering so you are confident that the posters you receive in the mail come out the way you expect! VistaPrint posters get a well-deserved 5/5 rating. You can confidently choose VistaPrint for your custom poster needs, knowing that the service you will receive is always top-notch.

VistaPrint posters reviews Order
VistaPrint posters reviews Order

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM VISTAPRINT: A small custom poster from Vistaprint costs only $5 each. Good deal!


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