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Thinking about buying personalized business cards online from the VistaPrint website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own business cards to get the inside scoop on VistaPrint's custom printed business cards!









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Review of VistaPrint Online Custom business cards 2014

When it comes to business cards, VistaPrint delivers a very solid print. You can easily and quickly get the cards you want at a reasonable price. Plus you get service from a company that you know has been in business for a long time and is reliable.

Quality (3/5)
VistaPrint business cards Quality rating

VistaPrint business card Quality Rating

The quality of our VistaPrint business card order is very good but not great. Colors are a bit muted in the cyan, pink and yellow blocks of color. The photo looks very good with the quality of color and detail on the family. Drop shadow text looks very good. Rainbow colors are just okay. Patterns on the card look good.

VistaPrint business cards reviews Quality
VistaPrint business cards reviews Quality

Price (3/5)
VistaPrint business cards Price rating

VistaPrint business card Price Rating

The price for business cards from VistaPrint was on par with what we had expected to pay. An average quality product was given an average price. However, there are companies out there that offer better quality printing.

VistaPrint business cards reviews Price
VistaPrint business cards reviews Price

Shipping (5/5)
VistaPrint business cards Shipping rating

VistaPrint business card Shipping Rating

Shipping from VistaPrint was great with only 3 days from shipping notification to front door. It was packaged in a blue and white VistaPrint box inside a brown VistaPrint shipping box.

VistaPrint business cards reviews Shipping
VistaPrint business cards reviews Shipping

Order (4/5)
VistaPrint business cards Order rating

VistaPrint business card Order Rating

Ordering from VistaPrint is very easy. Beginners and more advanced users will find that the system is easy to use in order to create a custom business card. It is easy to appreciate a system that makes it so user-friendly.

VistaPrint business cards reviews Order
VistaPrint business cards reviews Order

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM VISTAPRINT: 250 business cards on plain paper stock. Non glossy finish.


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