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Thinking about buying personalized T-shirts online from the UberPrints website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own T-shirts to get the inside scoop on UberPrints's custom printed T-shirts!









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Review of UberPrints Online Custom T-shirts 2014

UberPrints is a great option in custom T-shirt printing. It ranks amongst our favorite on several counts. Make an informed choice when you know what to expect from the online printer you are considering.

Quality (4/5)
UberPrints T-shirts Quality rating

UberPrints T-shirt Quality Rating

When it comes to quality, UberPrints does pretty well. They use the Gildan 100% ultra cotton T-shirt to start. This lightweight shirt is soft and of a nice quality. Print colors were close to those shown on the proof, and are nice and bright. Photo printing is better than most with good clear details in all the pictures, including the mountain picture. Black and white text boxes are not outstanding and appear rather dull. Black grids and spirals look washed out on the tee. However, overall the printing is very good.

UberPrints T-shirts reviews Quality
UberPrints T-shirts reviews Quality

Price (2/5)
UberPrints T-shirts Price rating

UberPrints T-shirt Price Rating

UberPrints was overall the costliest T-shirt we ordered. The lack of a coupon available for this provider made a big difference, as it ended up being more than $5 more than the next competitor. At $20.98, it makes for a costly custom T-shirt.

UberPrints T-shirts reviews Price
UberPrints T-shirts reviews Price

Shipping (3/5)
UberPrints T-shirts Shipping rating

UberPrints T-shirt Shipping Rating

Shipping on the UberPrints T-shirt was by far the best of all companies we tested. It was only 3 days from order to actually receiving the product, even though it was stated that delivery could take from 2 up to 8 days in total. It was delivered via Fedex, packaged in a DuPont Tyvek bag. However, no receipt or order details were included in the shipment.

UberPrints T-shirts reviews Shipping
UberPrints T-shirts reviews Shipping

Order (4/5)
UberPrints T-shirts Order rating

UberPrints T-shirt Order Rating

We loved the ordering process with UberPrints. The editor is great. There are tons of options to choose from, but it is organized in a manner so that it is not confusing, even to beginners. The editor worked well and it proved to be easy to add all the things I needed. Because UberPrints provides an editor that is very easy to work with.

UberPrints T-shirts reviews Order
UberPrints T-shirts reviews Order

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM UBERPRINTS: Gildan Ultra Cotton Tee. 100% preshrunk cotton.


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