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Thinking about buying personalized canvas prints online from the Printcopia website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own canvas prints to get the inside scoop on Printcopia's custom printed canvas prints!









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Review of Printcopia Online Custom canvas prints 2014

Overall, the canvas print just disappointed us. From the print overlaps on the edges to how the color is just off, we feel the product definitely had room for improvement. Choose Printcopia if you are more concerned with simplicity of ordering and not the actual quality of the product.

Quality (2/5)
Printcopia canvas prints Quality rating

Printcopia canvas print Quality Rating

Our Printcopia order was full of print issues that affected the quality of our canvas. There is overlap on all sides of the canvas, which hides some of the print itself. This is not at all what we wanted. The color grid is okay, but not great. Red and green color squares are muddled. Two out of three of the photos printed on our canvas were great. However, in the photograph of the mountain, the snowy detail is lost. In addition, drop shadow color is off and the rainbow colors lack pop and vibrancy. The black and white text boxes turned out pretty good and the grid section is also good. The overall quality of this particular print is disappointing.

Printcopia canvas prints reviews Quality
Printcopia canvas prints reviews Quality

Price (3/5)
Printcopia canvas prints Price rating

Printcopia canvas print Price Rating

Printcopia value leaves something to be desired because realistically, the quality does not justify the price. Coupons and free shipping from Printcopia are easy to find, saving you money on your canvas print order. However, the value of a product that is not of the quality you want in something that will hang on your walls is pretty low, even if the price is competitive.

Printcopia canvas prints reviews Price
Printcopia canvas prints reviews Price

Shipping (2/5)
Printcopia canvas prints Shipping rating

Printcopia canvas print Shipping Rating

Shipping from Printcopia was fast, with 3 day shipping. The product arrived in a brown UPS box, but was taped to the inside of the box for stabilization. We were not impressed with this method of stabilizing a print and feel that better solutions were available. For shipping,

Printcopia canvas prints reviews Shipping
Printcopia canvas prints reviews Shipping

Order (4/5)
Printcopia canvas prints Order rating

Printcopia canvas print Order Rating

Ordering from Printcopia was easy and very fast. We were done in minutes. One thing that stands out is that in addition to uploading from your computer, you can also choose an Instagram or Facebook photo to put on canvas. This is a plus for many users as these social media sites are where many of us take and store our pictures today.

Printcopia canvas prints reviews Order
Printcopia canvas prints reviews Order

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM PRINTCOPIA: Bright white 12”x12” .75” thick canvas.


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