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Thinking about buying personalized stickers online from the website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own stickers to get the inside scoop on's custom printed stickers!









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Review of Online Custom stickers 2014

Moo Inc. brings you something different in stickers – a sticker book. This book contains small, yet high quality stickers that can be used for a variety of purposes. These stickers turned out to be surprisingly impressive. If you are seeking out top of the line mini-stickers this is the way to go.

Quality (5/5) stickers Quality rating sticker Quality Rating

We received 90 stickers in a compact sticker book. Each page contains 6 stickers, just under 1”x 1” in dimension. The stickers have a glossy finish and a very high quality. The colors are vivid and almost all areas of the design are accurate. The glossy finish actually helps the visibility of the images and makes them clearer than other stickers we’ve ordered. We give Moo Inc. a 5/5 for its StickerBook. stickers reviews Quality stickers reviews Quality

Price (5/5) stickers Price rating sticker Price Rating

The Moo StickerBook delivers good value. The total price of our order was $13.74, including shipping. In our opinion, that’s a great deal for a total of 90 stickers. For anyone looking for small stickers that are high quality, this is definitely the best option. Moo Inc. earns 5/5 on value. stickers reviews Price stickers reviews Price

Shipping (4/5) stickers Shipping rating sticker Shipping Rating

Our Moo StickerBook was shipped in a white packing envelope via USPS. Packaging was pretty nondescript and standard for the industry. It did protect our stickers. The stickers were sent out on June 17th and arrived on June 20th. We were very pleased with the speed at which it arrived, so we give Moo Inc. 4/5 on shipping. stickers reviews Shipping stickers reviews Shipping

Order (3/5) stickers Order rating sticker Order Rating

The ordering process with Moo Inc is not ideal for those who have no design knowledge. Basically, you need an image ready to go, because there is little you can do within the ordering process to customize your stickers. You can upload from your computer, Facebook or other sites and crop, but that’s about it. Designers will love the quick and easy start to finish process for ordering, but the average person will be frustrated with the lack of options. We give the Moo Inc ordering process a 3/5.

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM MOO.COM: StickerBook containing 90 stickers, each under 1" by 1".


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