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Thinking about buying personalized T-shirts online from the Ink Garden website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own T-shirts to get the inside scoop on Ink Garden's custom printed T-shirts!









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Review of Ink Garden Online Custom T-shirts 2014

Ink Garden delivers consistently above average results when it comes to quality, value, shipping and ease of ordering. It is the custom T-shirt supplier that you can trust for the results you are looking for. Consistency is an asset when it comes to ordering custom items. Take a closer look at Ink Garden and the quality it delivers for your needs.

Quality (3/5)
Ink Garden T-shirts Quality rating

InkGarden T-shirt Quality Rating

Ink Garden went with the Heavy Cotton HD 100% cotton tee from Fruit of the Loom for its shirts. This is a lightweight, soft shirt. Print colors on the shirt were crisp but were also darker than those shown on the proof. Picture quality is also dark, but the details of the mountains, sky and people are very good. In fact, Ink Garden delivered the best detail on the difficult-to-print mountain image. Black and white text boxes are very clear and clean looking. The spiral, box and grid designs are a little light, but overall are good.

Ink Garden T-shirts reviews Quality
Ink Garden T-shirts reviews Quality

Price (3/5)
Ink Garden T-shirts Price rating

InkGarden T-shirt Price Rating

When it came down to cost, the great coupon for $9.99 made all the difference for the Ink Garden T-shirt. Initially the price was $19.99 with $5.49 shipping, but with the coupon, the total was only $15.48, making it an average priced shirt. The actual tee itself is good value, but the colors in some of the printing are off.

Ink Garden T-shirts reviews Price
Ink Garden T-shirts reviews Price

Shipping (3/5)
Ink Garden T-shirts Shipping rating

InkGarden T-shirt Shipping Rating

Ink Garden shipping was within its promised time frame of 4-10 days. Delivery was 7 days following the order. Packaging was a little overkill in that it was sent in a white bag but was also packaged in a clear plastic bag, folded over cardboard and included a copy of the order proof and instructions to wash before wearing the shirt.

Ink Garden T-shirts reviews Shipping
Ink Garden T-shirts reviews Shipping

Order (3/5)
Ink Garden T-shirts Order rating

InkGarden T-shirt Order Rating

Ink Garden offers a simple editor that is easy to work with and has basic features. However, it does not auto snap images or text to the center of your layout like other systems. Overall the editor is okay to work with, neither outstanding nor horrible.

Ink Garden T-shirts reviews Order
Ink Garden T-shirts reviews Order

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM INK GARDEN: Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton HD 100% cotton tee.


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