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Thinking about buying personalized T-shirts online from the Custom Ink website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own T-shirts to get the inside scoop on Custom Ink's custom printed T-shirts!









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Review of Custom Ink Online Custom T-shirts 2014

Custom Ink is a middle of the road option for custom T-shirt. It is not the best, nor the worst in custom T-shirts. However, it is one of the costliest options available. See for yourself just how it fared.

Quality (3/5)
Custom Ink T-shirts Quality rating

CustomInk T-shirt Quality Rating

The T-shirt itself is a small Gildan 100% Ultra Cotton t-shirt. This lightweight white shirt feels good to the touch. However, the color grid printed on the shirt is mediocre. The red, green, and blue color is accurate, but the rest of the colors are off. The photo section has both positives and negatives. When looking at the road photo, the green grass contrasts well with the brown road. The mountain photo has some lost details, and because the photo is naturally very dark, the snow details are missing. The family photo is probably the best of all the photos, but even it still lacks minor details from the proof. The remaining sections (the drop shadow and rainbow colors, Black/white text boxes) all are pretty standard quality. We give Custom Ink T-shirts a 3/5 on its custom T-shirt quality.

Custom Ink T-shirts reviews Quality
Custom Ink T-shirts reviews Quality

Price (2/5)
Custom Ink T-shirts Price rating

CustomInk T-shirt Price Rating

The Custom Ink shirt was very expensive. There was only one other shirt reviewed that cost more than $20. Most comparable custom print shirts run between $10 and $15 while the Custom Ink tee cost us $20.75. For this inflated price, you would expect to receive an outstanding tee, but that is definitely not the case. When it comes to value, Custom Ink T-shirts get 2/5.

Custom Ink T-shirts reviews Price
Custom Ink T-shirts reviews Price

Shipping (5/5)
Custom Ink T-shirts Shipping rating

CustomInk T-shirt Shipping Rating

We loved the packaging of our Custom Ink T-shirt. It came packed in a branded shipping bag that looked very cool. Included with the shirt was an order sheet that tells exactly what you ordered, when it was ordered, washing directions and other details about care of the shirt. We were also impressed with the speed at which our order got here. We ordered on June 9th and the order was shipped on June 12th. Because it was shipped via UPS Next Day Air, it arrived super fast, on June 13th. Shipping from Custom Ink rocks, so we give them 5/5.

Custom Ink T-shirts reviews Shipping
Custom Ink T-shirts reviews Shipping

Order (5/5)
Custom Ink T-shirts Order rating

CustomInk T-shirt Order Rating

The order process for Custom Ink was awesome. It was one of the most fun options out there when it comes to customizing a T-shirt. Quick and easy for the beginner, professional designers can upload their own images and be done in no time. We love the Custom Ink order process so much we gave it 5/5.

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM CUSTOM INK: White T-shirt printed with color grid, photos, drop shadow, rainbow colors and black and white text boxes.


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