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Thinking about buying personalized T-shirts online from the Cafe Press website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own T-shirts to get the inside scoop on Cafe Press's custom printed T-shirts!









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Review of Cafe Press Online Custom T-shirts 2014

For a big name T-shirt printing company, we were pretty unimpressed with the product we received from Café Press. Quality and value were nowhere near our expectations. Based on our reviews, this product will do in a pinch, but that’s it.

Quality (2/5)
Cafe Press T-shirts Quality rating

CafePress T-shirt Quality Rating

The Café Press custom T-shirt is a Hanes tagless white t-shirt. The color on the color grid is far from accurate and actually has visible streaks running through it. The colors on the entire shirt look faded. Detail is lost in all of the photographs that were printed on the tee. The drop shadow text looks surprisingly good, but the rainbow color text is uninspiring. The white text in the black box looks glossy, which was unexpected. The shape grids look faded and lack detail. Overall we give Café Press custom t-shirts a 2/5.

Cafe Press T-shirts reviews Quality
Cafe Press T-shirts reviews Quality

Price (1/5)
Cafe Press T-shirts Price rating

CafePress T-shirt Price Rating

This T-shirt was the most expensive by far. It cost $21.99 with no discount. Shipping was an additional $6.49 bringing the total to $28.48. Considering the fact that the tee was simply lackluster in quality, we were floored by the price. Café Press deserves only 1/5 on value.

Cafe Press T-shirts reviews Price
Cafe Press T-shirts reviews Price

Shipping (3/5)
Cafe Press T-shirts Shipping rating

CafePress T-shirt Shipping Rating

Our order arrived in a custom Café Press shipping bag and a custom wrap for the shirt. This was definitely a nice touch, but at the price we paid we expected some nice touches. We give shipping a 3/5.

Cafe Press T-shirts reviews Shipping
Cafe Press T-shirts reviews Shipping

Order (5/5)
Cafe Press T-shirts Order rating

CafePress T-shirt Order Rating

The order process for Café Press is extremely easy and fast. You can choose to upload a design of your own or you can create one in no time. The ordering tool even shows you what your finished tee will look like. The ordering tool was the one aspect of the Café Press experience that did impress us and for that reason we give it 5/5.

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM CAFE PRESS: white custom printed T-shirt


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