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Thinking about buying personalized business cards online from the 123 PRINT website in 2014? Read Print Detective's expert review before you order design your own business cards to get the inside scoop on 123 PRINT's custom printed business cards!









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Review of 123 PRINT Online Custom business cards 2014

Overall 123 Print produced a very solid card. While the paper/ card quality was not as good as some other print companies, it still delivers a worthwhile product.

Quality (4/5)
123 PRINT business cards Quality rating

123PRINT business card Quality Rating

Our order came with a proof sheet, which is a very nice touch. The color is good on the cards, however, it might be even better if there was a glossy finish on the cards. The photo detail loss is minimal and the color quality is still pretty high quality. Unfortunately, the print does not stretch across the card. The paper/card quality was just average, but the print quality itself is very good.

123 PRINT business cards reviews Quality
123 PRINT business cards reviews Quality

Price (3/5)
123 PRINT business cards Price rating

123PRINT business card Price Rating

We feel that the quality matches the pricing almost perfectly. The company offers a variety of deals and coupon codes that users can access. However, because this is an average quality paper/card, we do not feel it is the best value on the market for your business card needs.

123 PRINT business cards reviews Price
123 PRINT business cards reviews Price

Shipping (4/5)
123 PRINT business cards Shipping rating

123PRINT business card Shipping Rating

With 3 day shipping 123 Print was fantastically fast. However, that can differ depending on where you live, as the company uses UPS and USPS for their standard shipping. Expedited shipping choices are also available via UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air. Shipping costs were somewhat high.

123 PRINT business cards reviews Shipping
123 PRINT business cards reviews Shipping

Order (3/5)
123 PRINT business cards Order rating

123PRINT business card Order Rating

It is very easy to design a custom business card using 123 Print. Simply upload your own images, resize, crop and edit your own custom business card. You can even click “View Proof” to look at the proof of your product before placing your order. For an additional fee you can request a professional review of your order prior to production. The site did not provide downloadable templates and could be confusing for those not familiar with online design tools.

123 PRINT business cards reviews Order
123 PRINT business cards reviews Order

WHAT WE ORDERED FROM 123 PRINT: We ordered 150 business cards on plain paper/stock and were pleasantly surprised with the results.


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