Florida’s 20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

Florida’s 20 Most Impressive Advertising Agencies – 2014

Doing business with the best only makes sense. If you are looking for the best marketing and advertising agencies in Florida, we can help. We have analyzed marketing and advertising agencies throughout the Sunshine State and ranked them based on 3 year growth rates and their most recent annual revenue. By choosing any of these agencies, you can feel confident that you are working with a cutting-edge company that understands how to effectively handle marketing and advertising in today’s marketplace.


1. Showroom Logic – Miami

Showroom Logic with its explosive growth is the #1 solution for marketing new and used vehicles. Working exclusively in the automotive domain, it specializes in SEM – search engine marketing and handles paid search ads, display optimization and advanced analytics to propel sales for car dealers. This highly specialized niche marketing approach has proven to be extremely lucrative for Miami-based Showroom Logic.


3-year growth: 8449%
Revenue: $13.4 million
In business since 2009

2. 3A/WorldWide – Miami

3A/WorldWide is a fast-growing media buying, public relations and digital marketing firm in Miami. Its focus is on practical, uncomplicated solutions and working to build brand reputations that exceed those of the competition. Doing business throughout much of the world, it boasts clients such as BMW, New Zealand Tourism, Jet Blue, Tommy Hilfiger, Olympus and the Trump Organization.


3-year growth: 2403%
Revenue: $57.6 million
In business since 2009

3. MorrisCore – Pompano Beach

MorrisCore is a web and marketing solutions provider based in Pompano Beach. Its focus is on building effective websites that are optimized to deliver the kind of results clients are looking for. Time saving marketing solutions, an appointment management system and conversion solutions are game-changers for its clients. Owner Benji Rabhan is a speaker and author who also teaches clients how to earn more money online.


3-year growth: 1520%
Revenue: $2.1 million
In business since 2010

4. EveryMundo – Miami

EveryMundo is another Miami based marketing firm that has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the past three years. The multilingual company serves international clients by handling online marketing strategy implementation in a manner that reaches an international customer base, despite cultural sensitivities and country-specific marketing challenges. Amongst its many clients are CNN Mexico, General Mills, Carnival Cruise Lines and Nestlé.


3-year growth: 1495%
Revenue: $2.5 million
In business since 2006

5. Progressive Dental Marketing – Clearwater

Progressive Dental Marketing is a growing online marketing firm specifically targeting dentists. With a focus on only one profession, this marketing company creates custom marketing solutions for the different practices it works with. It is also the only firm of its type that specializes in marketing for laser dentistry. Highly knowledgeable in its field, Progressive Dental Marketing offers analytics and tracking, internet presence management, social media and staff training. Based in Clearwater, it serves practices throughout the United States and internationally.


3-year growth: 1179%
Revenue: $2.3 million
In business since 2009

6. DG3 Media Group – Longwood

DG3 Media Group is expanding throughout Central Florida at a phenomenal rate. The group primarily handles outdoor advertising or digital outdoor boards, radio programming and live events for a variety of clients. It strategically reaches the local clientele that many businesses are actively seeking in unique and targeted ways.


3-year growth: 1177%
Revenue: $2.3 million
In business since 2010

7. Dicks Nanton Agency – Orlando

Dicks and Nanton Agency is a family of Orlando companies that specialize in personal branding as the key to building a successful business. Started by two lawyers, this firm offers celebrity branding, website design, business book publishing, film making and the transformation of business people into experts in their field. With its exclusive combination of media, marketing, publishing and PR for those looking to propel a business using personal branding, Dicks and Nanton Agency helps to create a successful businesses driven by the celebrity brand behind it.


3-year growth: 741%
Revenue: $3.1 million
In business since 2007

8. Victory Marketing Agency – Fort Myers

Victory Marketing Agency is an event marketing and promotional staffing firm based in Fort Myers. Specializing in live events, it aids companies in creating memorable live events and handles trade show marketing. With vast staffing capabilities, it expertly orchestrates event staffing throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico to ensure the business is represented and promoted effectively. Victory Marketing Agency has worked with big name clients such as AT&T, Toyota, Six Flags, Coca-Cola Recycling, Walgreens and Samuel Adams.


3-year growth: 453%
Revenue: $2.9 million
In business since 2008

9. Revenue Universe – Sarasota

Revenue Universe is a Sarasota based Internet marketing agency. Known as the premier incentive affiliate network, it drives impressive amounts of directed traffic to advertisers’ websites. Publishers can take advantage of web incentives, social media incentives and other offers. Revenue Universe continues to grow at an impressive rate as businesses seek out unique routes to reach online traffic.


3-year growth: 447%
Revenue: $7.1 million
In business since 2005

10. Internet Media Services (IMS) – Miami

IMS – Internet Media Services is a media and marketing firm specializing in Latin American markets. For those looking to break into or expand in Latin America, IMS has offices in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Columbia, as well as its headquarters in Miami. With media services, commercial representation and an array of business services tailored to the specific markets its clients want to pierce, the firm does an impressive job of providing exactly what is needed.


3-year growth: 400%
Revenue: $104.3 million
In business since 2005

11. Ads Direct Media – Palm Beach Gardens

Ads Direct Media is a full service Internet marketing company that is experienced and knowledgeable, bringing performance-based campaigns to clients. With an international presence, the firm brings new customers to its clients’ websites via diverse advertising campaign services. Palm Beach Gardens based Ads Direct Media specializes in unique, specialty and novelty items; beauty, health and wellness products; and discount retail and promotional offerings.


3-year growth: 393%
Revenue: $46.4 million
In business since 2009

12. OneKreate – Hollywood

OneKreate is a unique content creation firm that takes creativity to a new level in the advertising realm. In order to optimize results for its clients, OneKreate streamlines the creative process through its own system. Clients of the company include Under Armour, Graco, Office Depot, Publix, Microsoft, Amazon, IKEA, GAP and Walmart. Headquartered in Hollywood, FL, OneKreate does photography, video, design, technology and more.


3-year growth: 386% %
Revenue: $63.1 million
In business since 2001

13. Rich Dealers – Orlando

Rich Dealers is an Orlando based marketing company that works exclusively with car dealers. It provides creative promotions for dealers that drive more traffic their way. The company was founded by Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller, speakers and authors of the book Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers. Rich Dealers works with car dealers throughout the country and is growing impressively.


3-year growth: 378%
Revenue: $6.9 million
In business since 2004

14. Advanced Enterprises Inc. – Mary Esther

Advanced Enterprises of NW FL is a sales, marketing, customer contact and nationwide installation services provider based in Mary Esther, FL. Supporting clients from a variety of industries, AEI works with businesses to complement their business development efforts and to deliver impressive conversion sales and marketing programs. It works primarily with companies like DIRECTV, home security providers and other firms that have an installation component as a part of the product or service they provide. With marketing, inbound and outbound services, AEI is growing at a fast clip.


3-year growth: 245%
Revenue: $68.7 million
In business since 2005

15. Collective Industries – Tampa

Collective Industries is a rapidly-growing printing and direct mail service provider based in Tampa. It handles not only direct mail and offset and digital printing, it also offers creative design services, cross media marketing, lead generation and fulfillment solutions. Attention to detail and a one-stop solution for a variety of marketing needs have helped make Collective Industries a success in its field.


3-year growth: 228%
Revenue: $5.1 million
In business since 1998

16. SpiderBoost Interactive – Miami

SpiderBoost Interactive Agency is an Internet marketing service provider that comprehensively provides everything needed for online marketing, regardless of the industry your business is in. Located in Miami, this award winning firm is dedicated to providing digital marketing strategies, including search engine marketing, web design, ecommerce, social media, reputation management and more, specifically created to fit each customer’s needs. Some of the SpiderBoost clients include Volkswagen, Miami Seaquarium, Subway and Carrier.


3-year growth: 157%
Revenue: $2.4 million
In business since 2010

17. Spectrio – Oldsmar

Spectrio is an all-inclusive audio/video marketing firm that provides content creation, data reporting and more. Located in Oldsmar, it offers solutions for on-hold messaging, digital signage, phone greetings and overhead music. With a commitment to creating a sound that is perfect for each unique business, the company is booming. It has worked with names such as Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, LabCorp, Jiffy Lube, Goodyear, MetLife and Whole Foods Market.


3-year growth: 143%
Revenue: $17.8 million
In business since 2002

18. Derflan – Delray Beach

Derflan is a marketing, sales, technology and business management firm that is comprised of consultants with backgrounds in a variety of industries. They work closely with clients to ensure offerings that fit with the business objectives and mission and will deliver the results that are needed. Based in Delray Beach, Derflan boasts recognizable customers like Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. With high standards and a commitment to delivering initiatives that can be continued by the customer after the fact, Derflan is attracting businesses of all sizes.


3-year growth: 140%
Revenue: $11 million
In business since 2005

19. Max Borges Agency – Miami

Max Borges Agency is the leading tech PR firm in North America, having launched a variety of tech brands and campaigns with impressive results. Representing only tech products, the company has the connections to effectively deliver carefully chosen messages to the appropriate media in order to get the word out. With broadcast, print and digital PR coverage, social media marketing, creative advertising solutions and more, the company is the go-to provider for today’s tech advertising. The Miami based agency has worked with clients such as Clarion, Philips, Voxx and Under Armor Gear.


3-year growth: 138%
Revenue: $9.1 million
In business since 2003

20. Republica – Miami

Republica is a Miami-based cross-cultural advertising, branding and communications firm. The award-winning organization offers clients from a variety of industries services such as digital marketing, promotions, public relations, research, social media and more, specifically tailored to the culture and language the client is trying to reach. With clients such as Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Universal Orlando, AARP, Goya, Google, Square and Nielson, Republica is delivering effective and measurable results for the modern corporate landscape.


3-year growth: 119%
Revenue: $11.9 million
In business since 2006



Bursting with innovation and creativity, these top twenty marketing and advertising agencies in Florida are changing the way businesses operate and delivering exciting results. Their impressive growth and revenue tell the stories of businesses that are blazing new trails in the world of marketing and advertising.

disclaimer: This list is an opinion editorial and should not be taken as fact. Home Security Shield is not liable for any business done with any of the companies listed above.

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